Thursday, March 4, 2010

That's Crazy with a Side of Nuts!

Have you ever heard about someone stepping out on a wobbly twig, with a thimble of faith, and doing something amazing for God's kingdom and thought
"That's crazy with a side of nuts! That is colossal and, good for you,
it's tremendous but there is no way, nooooo waaaaaay, that I could ever do
that. I mean, what about (insert mediocre excuse here) and what would we
do about (insert paltry excuse there)? What would (insert someone who
really doesn't matter that much) think and where would we get the funds for all
of that?"

Has that EVER run through your mind?

And if it has, have you ever said to your spouse ", what did you think about what such and so said?"

And if your spouse had the same Crazy with a Side of Nuts reaction that you did, have you ever spent the next several days consumed with this burning desire to spend every waking moment face down in front of God and wait for Him?

No? You haven't? Yeah. Me neither. Just asking.

1 comment:

  1. Commenting on this post would be colossal and maybe good for me. This thought is SO tremendous that only with our Lord's help COULD I do such a thing. BUT, I cant there is no way I could ever leave a comment for this post.

    I mean, what about all the starving fish in the world? You know the ones with out computers so they can't comment.

    And what would we do about all the FRAIL old people whose fingers would break off if they tried to push down a key to type a comment? They would feel so left out IF I commented.

    OH OH and what about Levi Melman? What would Levi think if I posted?

    Not to mention BANKRUPTCY court will not cover a comment left on a blog post so THERE is absolutely NO WAY I will ever risk my retirement on on of those comments people leave on blog posts.

    What an absurd idea WASTING my time and money. HA!


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