Friday, March 5, 2010

How Comfortable Are You?

I'm having trouble focusing on my normal daily routine today. I can't do it. I try. I want to. But I just can't.

When I am in The Word daily, when I am focused on sacrifice and following the path to the cross, when I am in Bible study under a godly woman, when I am reading great books, when I am vicariously following a team around Kenya, when I am considering ordering a double portion of Crazy with a Side of Nuts, when my eyes are focused on HIM, none of the rest of it matters much.

I try to read my other favorite blogs, the ones with the yummy recipes and craft ideas and home decor and it just seems useless. It seems like smoke and mirrors, vapors of uselessness. I'm reminded of the verse in Ecclesiastes 1:2: vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity.

I read those favorite blogs, blogs of women that I *know* love the Lord, and I just get a bad taste in my mouth. Not because of what they've written, but because of why I'm reading them.

I know this where God wants me right now. Like MckMama, this is where I want to want to be. But if I'm honest it's not where I want to be.

Fluffy stuff is way more fun to read and do. Who wants to read blogs that make them cry, nay sob?

Decorating my home is way better for my hands. Who wants to dirty their knees and risk getting other people's filth under their fingernails?

Trying unsuccessfully to find recipes for this 300 pounds of food in my freezer is comfortable. Who wants to ruminate about the millions of families who are eating at a shelter tonight or, even worse, don't know where their next meal is coming from or can't remember when they last ate?

Hear me on this: there is nothing wrong with providing for your family with a warm, cozy house and nourishing meals. And there is nothing inherently wrong with crafting, especially if you can provide for your family or bless others with it. But I don't stop there. I buy too much, I waste too much, I use too much, I keep too much, I relax too much. It's comfortable to do these things.

But God doesn't call us to a comfortable life. So let me ask you comfortable are you this very day?

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  1. Oh, Jenni. You just worm your way into my soul sometimes. ARe you spying on me? I am feeling so dry lately and I know it's because I'm just so busy with stuff that DOES NOT MATTER.

    I got up this morning and spent some time with the Lord and I just know that I CANNOT by-pass that part of my day again. He restores my soul...........

    Love you,


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