Thursday, March 19, 2009

Community Helper of the Month - The Library

Last month we took cookies to the hard working men at the street department. This month we chose the library workers. Recently our library was named a five-star library and those library employees deserve that award. I've frequented the libraries of all five cities I've lived in and this is by far the very best and the children's librarian is bar none.

Last week I checked out some books for the boys about libraries and spent some time reading them. In my opinion, the public library is the best benefit of a democratic society.

We thought star shaped cookies were very appropriate for the occasion. I love the look of royal icing, the smoothness and texture but I don't love the taste. Recently I picked up a copy of Hello, Cupcake! (at the library appropriately enough) and read their directions for a faux ganache (which Blogger is telling me is spelled wrong...big girls know how to spell heaven-in-draped-chocolate-form, can I get an amen?). You simply microwave canned frosting until it is the consistency of light whipped cream. So I thought I would try the same with cream cheese frosting to create a sort of glaze. It worked beautifully.

For the larger cookies I saved back some of the icing before melting and piped it around the outside shape. I then dusted with sanding sugar and let harden a few minutes. Then I spooned the melted icing into the middle and filled in all of the points with a spoon. I let this harden and then went back to pipe on the letters.

For the smaller cookies I just placed a cooling rack over a 9x13 and spooned melted icing over each. The Entertainer situated himself in the middle of the table and dusted each cookie with sanding sugar ever so gingerly.

I really liked the way they turned out and can't wait to try other cookie shapes with this same technique...I'm already thinking place cards for Easter dinner!


  1. Cute cookies! I just read a book to the kids today that made me think of you. It's called The Big Cheese. True story about the residents of Cheshire, Mass. making a huge cheese to send to the president. History, cheese-making and even geography if you look at a map! Love the true stories!
    No..I don't think YOU'RE a big cheese..just thought you might like the book!

  2. The correct title is:

    A Big Cheese for the White House:
    the true tale of a tremendous cheddar

    By Candace Fleming


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