Friday, March 20, 2009

An Infestation of the Green Persuasion

Last week The Reader found this note, nearly taunting him to trap this leprechaun. First we tried a trap of Lucky Charms with a ladder to the top. Evidently the little elf was able to rock the box enough to knock it over and escape. He did leave some gold covered chocolate coins though.
Next we made this trap out of an old oatmeal box with a trap door on top. For bait we used more Lucky Charms mixed with green M & M's.

No luck. It appears as though he used his hat as a stool and climbed back out of the trap. He left more gold covered chocolate coins and a trail of shimmery shamrocks that ended in the middle of the room.

The next trap we set was a shiny colander with a traditional bait and stick contraption. Again the lad escaped us but left behind some Gold Nugget bubblegum.

Our final trap was a picture of another leprechaun in a jar of Lucky Charms sprinkled with gold glitter. You see above what a mess the leprechaun made of our table, what with shiny shamrocks and shamrock stickers, gold coins of all kinds, including some golden dollars! He left a note that said "Thanks for the snacks. I'll be back next year for more fun!"
The boys made a guess on about day 3 that Dad and Mom were the leprechaun to which I protested, "I am not now, nor have I ever been a leprechaun." But they continued to play along knowing that if they proclaimed us the leprechaun the game would be over.
Can someone please tell me why I am so devoutly opposed to Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny but took this idea and ran with it?

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  1. I think it has to do with the fundimentels (if I spelled that wright) of teaching. We try so hard to teach our children that Santa and the EB are not real but all they hear in school is their friends talking about them and how real they are. I know that my wife and I instill in our children that Santa does not exist and they litteraly argue back. Why is it that we are the only family in the middle of "StuffMart" arguing with the children insisting santa is real and the parents instisting he isn't all the while other parents are asking "Do you want Santa to bring you this?"

    I feel that St. Patricks Day when focused on Miwin Socket (if I spelled that right) can be a very special day and express to children what you can do when you spead the good word of our Lord. And while doing so why not have some non-traditional fun with a lepercan (If I spelled that right). You don't need to worry about anything there is a slim chance of a little guy dressed in green replacing God, like a fat guy in red does.


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