Friday, March 20, 2009


I will be taking a week off to rest and worship, pray and be. If I come to mind, please lift my family up to the One who knows every hair on our head and has purposed our every minute of every day.

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  1. ***********************************
    Formal Petition

    This Petition is intended to express the rights and well being of the citizens of Blogville.

    We reserve the right and are willing to use force in order to view a new blog post daily. We do not accept the thought of you taking a week off, and feel that we will be left out of your life and knowing what is happening at every moment.

    There have been times when posts have been three to four days between, this was unthought of but we accepted it. A WEEK how ever is almost seven days if not more and we will stand for this, never mind that only a few of us use a computer standing.

    I hearby declaire this signature one of ths petition, with the nexp comment being number two and the next number three and so on.

    We love you and will be praying for you during your week off.

    Dont forget to blog everyday


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