Tuesday, January 5, 2010

He Says "Jump!" and You Say "How High?", Part 2

This post was originally written November 3, 2009. So I had reconciled myself to quitting school and bringing the older boys home to home school. At this time we are planning on leaving The Entertainer at his school because he receives extra support I simply cannot give him at home.

But there was more. More that I hadn't shared with Mr. Steady or my prayer warriors. God had asked me to quit my job too. I have a very good job. I am a sub-contractor for a car dealership and I make follow up calls after service visits. I work from home. I blog while I work. I browse Facebook while I work. My children sit next to me and do their homework while I work. I work during The Entertainer's nap time. I have a very good job.

But it does take a lot of time away from my family. There have been many times when I've worked late into the evening and come downstairs to find my children sitting in the dark watching a movie, having sat there so long they didn't realize dusk had set in. I often have to work on Saturdays because I can't squeeze all of my calls into The Entertainer's nap time. And at the end of the month when I have to turn my spreadsheet in is just a nightmare to get finished up.

So when God told me this also had to go I was quite befuddled. I don't make a lot of money but I do make enough money to help the family out. And since I can do it from home we don't have to pay for child care. I started to brainstorm ways I could get around this and still honor God's request for me to home school.

I thought: I'll just take the summer off and see how it goes, if it doesn't work out no one will be the wiser that I was going to quit.

I negotiated: I can give someone else half of my work so I'll only be working half the time but still have the income.

I rearranged: I could work in the morning while the boys do their independent work and The Entertainer is at school then in the afternoon we'll do school while The Entertainer is napping.

Then about a month after I got God's "memo" I received an email that the company lost the account I was working on and there were no other accounts available.

Okay God, I get it. If I won't quit my job, you'll make my job quit me.

By this time, I'm thinking that A) I'm still crazy but B) God's not joking.

He says "Jump!" and I'm learning to say "How high?"

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  1. Jenni, i love you and I know God talks to you cause you are a fabulous friend and writer and I wish you could pursue something for us all in writing that would encourage us all who need a lift. And, oh my goodness what you have just brought yourself through and here you are writing thoughts like this.I want to encourage you on your pathway thats called LIFE!!You have a sweet family and a wonderful steady man who helps you face your trials in life.Keep up the Good work. You will be rewarded!


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