Tuesday, September 25, 2012

McDonald's at Midnight

Mr. Steady and The Reader both love to play the Monopoly game at McDonald's.  The Reader has been waiting for the new game to start since mid-summer.  So when he asked Mr. Steady to wake him up at midnight to take him to McDonald's because he wanted to be "among the first to play" we giggled.  But then we thought, "why not?"  It's fun to yes to odd requests sometimes.

Mr. Steady woke The Reader up at midnight....twice.  He is such a hard sleeper!  They headed to the store closest to us but they weren't handing out pieces yet.  So Mr. Steady went to find another store that was open!  I would have said "sorry, Charlie" and headed home!
 The lobby was closed so he posed for a picture outside the window - ha!
 How fun to go to McDonald's in your pajamas!
 He looks pretty pleased - not sure if it's because of the pieces he got or his hash brown & OJ!


  1. I love it! Some of the best times and memories are doing the out-of-the-ordinary!! And best of luck with the McDonalds Monopoly! I like peeling the little stickers off too and hoping maybe I'll win a free fries! :)

  2. Deborah - he won some free food and wanted me to take him back for lunch today! Tee hee! I said "once every 12 hours is plenty of McD's!"


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