Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I have to brag on my honey for a minute.  In the farthest stretches of your imagination you'd never call him a romantic.  He's practical and for the most part so am I.  So when we returned from Sauder Village I made mention that I was glad I hadn't gone into labor because I would have had no idea where the nearest hospital was.  We know several families up that way so I supposed we could have called them or just asked the front desk.

Mr. Steady replied that he had already researched that before we left and knew right where to go if something had happened.  Ever the practical guy, he assured me it was just because he didn't want to deliver the baby but it still touched my heart that he thought even ahead of time to figure that out!

Love you honey!


  1. So sweet! Love it when hubbies do stuff for us that we don't expect!

  2. That's pretty sweet! I think you have bragging rights here! :)


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