Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sauder Village

We were given a gift certificate to Sauder Village in Northwest Ohio almost two years ago and it just recently worked out for us to go.  We started out going for one night and then we were given the gift of two extra nights.

We stayed at Sauder Heritage Inn and this was the view from our window - unlike any other inn or hotel I've stayed in!
 On Friday we went to the Village.  It was Homeschool Appreciation week as well as Artisan week.  I am not sure how much that was going on is normal vs. what was special for the week.  This is the doctor's office, the doctor's nurse was showing us all the pharmaceuticals and tools he would have used.
 This was the one-room schoolhouse.
 A broom maker shows how to make brooms.
 The carpenter's shop, all the tools were man-powered, no gas, no electric
 The barber's shop, shave and a hair cut for $0.10
 The flowers and gardens all around the place were gorgeous...my photography skills are severely lacking the ability to convey the beauty.
 The print shop.
 A cabin from the 1800s
 Jail house.
 The Thinker making "beaten" biscuits.

 The train ride was a nice break in the middle of the day.
 This was my favorite, a wagon for Hungarian migrant workers.  Add a bathroom and some plumbing for the kitchen and this would fulfill all my "tiny house" desires.
 Glass blower
 Someone got all tuckered out before the day was over.

 On Saturday we just hung out at the Inn all day.  This was an area just off of the elevator and down the hall from our bedroom.  We put together part of a puzzle and at night after we tucked the boys in, Mr. Steady and I slipped down the hall and played cards out here.
 This was a nice eating area, where we ate the continental breakfast every morning and ate our packed lunch on Saturday.  The pool area is just behind Mr. Steady and The Reader.  We spent a LOT of time in the pool each day.

Several areas with wood toys for the children to play.
 A huge faux tree in the foyer.
The Inn also had several sitting areas all around with water fountains, koi ponds, couches, overstuffed chairs, it was just a really fun place

 There was a game room with basketballs, fuseball, air hockey, and ping pong.  This was, very obviously, a favorite of the boys.  And dad. :o)
We went out to dinner each night, the first night we had dinner at a friend's house, the second night we ate at Barn Restaurant at the Village where we enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner.  The third night we found a local pizza place and on our way out of town on Sunday we stopped at a place called Mom's Diner, which was modeled after a 50's diner.  The boys were impressed with the jukeboxes on the wall, even though they didn't work.
We wanted to do something really fun with the boys before this baby comes and rocks their world.  It was a wonderfully relaxing weekend and we were all so glad we took the time and made the sacrifices to do it.


  1. HOW fun! What a neat place! *Glad your comments are working!*

  2. a BABYmoon. with the kids :) I LOVE it. And your fam!

  3. Looks like a relaxing and fun time! No cooking, swimming involved, time spent together....sounds good to me!


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