Sunday, March 7, 2010

For My Mom

This is the boy who was born with blue eyes the color of a spring morning. My first boy was born with eyes of chocolate pudding and they stayed that way. My second boy was born with eyes of a summer storm at dusk and they quickly changed to cinnamon. But this boy held onto his blue eyes until well past his first birthday. When he was eighteen months old my dad and I decided he was going to stay blue eyed but Grandma insisted he would be hazel-eyed like his momma and grandpa. A fierce debate would take place often over what color his eyes were and what color they would end up. I finally conceeded that they were hazel when this boy was nearly two and a half, although it truly depends on what he is wearing. Tonight I found this picture on my camera. I don't know who took it (it wasn't me because I would have wiped his face off first) but the thing that struck me were his eyes. Definitely hazel. So, Mom, I wish I could tell you in person but you were right. His eyes are hazel.

You were right. Something I never told you enough.

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