Monday, March 16, 2009

What's In Your Trash Bag?

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So I joined the 40 Trash Bag Challenge and I know all of my uber organized, non-messy, unslothful friends are thinking "Where in the world would I get enough stuff to fill up 40 trash bags?"

Well, let me help you with that. Here is the equivalent to two trash bags, full of plastic storage containers.

My corner cabinet was to the point where you opened it, threw whatever it was that you needed to put away in it and shut the door as fast as humanly possible to prevent an avalanche of colorful plastic coming at your head. So today I pulled it all out and only put back what I think we will use.

At first my greedy self started telling me why I needed each and every container, especially the pretty ones. And then I said "Self, when was the last time that you needed these containers so much that this cabinet was completely empty?" Self thought for a few minutes and said never so I started really getting gazelle-intense as Dave would say.

Would you believe that I put back less than 25% of what I pulled out of that cabinet? I've got a bag to go to Goodwill, a bag of disposables with lids to go to the church for leftovers from potlucks and such, a bag to return to my mother (yikes!), and then a bag of orphan lids and bottoms that I will hold onto for three months and if I haven't gone in to retrieve anything out of it I will Goodwill it as well.

Other bags that I have removed have contained lots of trash, several bags of clothes, two bags of toys and a couple of other Goodwill donations. I have only done the main floor so far. I know I could get at least two bags of boys clothes. And I won't even share with you how many bags I will get out of the basement. Let's just say a child could play down there for months and never get bored. I have GOT to make myself get down there over Spring Break.


  1. I will come and help in the basement. we will get it done in an hour? remember when we moved the furniture around from room to room in an hour?

  2. is this a basement or a cellar?? i don't like basements, don't MAKE me go down there. From one of your not unslothful super-tidy, put together, everything in place friends....


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