Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Anatomy of a Sunday Morning

Here is what I woke up to Sunday morning:

Table set for breakfast, donuts for whomever would like them. Mr. Steady's bowl of 1/2 bran flakes, 1/2 Life cereal at his placeLunch dishes, silverware, napkins and a bib for a certain 2 1/2 year old

wait for their turn at the table. The stack of Bibles to be carried out to the car.A jar to be returned to it's owner...never return an dish empty, even if it's just a few pieces of chocolate.Lots of things to take to a few different sisters at church, extra scrapbooking materials, extra homeschooling supplies, clean disposable containers for the church pantry.Partial collection of ingredients for Hashbrown Casserole, the remainder of the ingredients are perishable and were hanging out in the fridge. I assembled and turned the crockpot on before we left for worship. My oatmeal, all I need to add is the liquid and turn the burner on.

No, not every Sunday looks this calm or put together. This one just happened to fall into place. And it was very peaceful. A very blessed way to start the Lord's Day!

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  1. Jenni, I just love you!! I think you are the person I wish I was! Tidy, organized, and more than anything, an amazing woman of God! You are on quite a roll girl...keep it are inspiring me!


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