Sunday, March 15, 2009

China Hutches

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Do you have a china cabinet or hutch? Ever wonder what people keep in those drawers? Wanna peek in mine? The larger top drawer houses most of the boys craft supplies: markers, crayons, scissors, glue, tape, and coloring books. Give your children their own rolls of Scotch tape. It's not that expensive and then they won't steal yours.

The drawer just below this houses my napkin addiction collection. I love pretty and fun napkins for all occasions. I like to buy them after each holiday for the next year. Tuck a special napkin into your family's brown bag lunches to make your loved ones feel extra special.

I also keep packages of pretty tissues on hand. No, not because I have an addiction. Ok, I do. But they are fun to give to a friend or tuck into a basket.

Also in this drawer I keep my collection of tiny bud vases, as well as upholstery never know when you might need one. At what point in my life did upholstery tacks become a necessity? Off-limits-without-permission craft supplies like paint are also kept in the back of this drawer.

The two drawers on the right of the hutch hold playing cards and small puzzles in zip-top puzzles. But this is my favorite drawer - the gift drawer. From time to time I pick up items that I can stash away in my gift drawer. A book, a notepad, a video, or maybe a candle. I also keep a couple of generic gift bags and some tissue paper in this drawer for emergency gift wrapping. When the children come home with a request for a book exchange or a birthday party invitation I am prepared.
I was blessed with some extra time last weekend while all the boys were out of the house. The weather was gorgeous so I threw up the sashes (I've always wanted to say that) and set about freshening up a few spaces. I was incredibly blessed to inherit not only my grandmother's china dishes but also my great-grandmother's china dishes. My great-grandmother also collected green Depression Glass that came with her china set. I had all of the dishes up top but after seeing the pictures of Tina's china cabinet I had to move my dishes around. Some day I will be brave and literally freshen up the china cabinet and possibly even remove the doors but this day I only rearranged the contents. I don't have a before picture but this is much lighter and simpler looking.

Not only did I inherit the dishes, I inherited the entire dining room set. I can't help but wonder what my grandmother put in these drawers. My mom puts candles and cloth napkins in her drawers. Uh, her china cabinet drawers that is. Now it's your turn...what do you keep in your china hutch drawers? And if you don't have a china hutch, what would you put in the drawers if you had one?


  1. have a built in china cabinet.. full of junk! There is my g.lsses I use for my craft fairs to hang earrings and necklaces off of.. The stuff I need to get rid of but just cannot.... Wow looking at it now I need to fly lady it!

  2. I love this blog! You are such my favorite friend.Always remember that even if I am having an emotional crunch,i will always come around soon.I love your little drawers and what you have in them. my hutch drwaers have cloth napkins in them and little easels to hold a pretty plate and then a brass initial L that i need to put somewhere since my last name begins with "L' and I am married to my weakness."John" that is.

  3. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! So that is where you hide the paint?! The boys and I have been looking for it. Thanks, Love ya! Can't leave a long comment be cause....weeeee gots some crrrrraftinggggggg to dooooooo. WHAAAAAA HAAAAA HAAAAA


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