Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Yummy and Special Treat

That was such a great dinner, wasn't it? You *did* have Seafood Alfredo with mussels, Our Favorite Salad, and garlic bread for dinner last night, didn't you?

The Thinker made the alfredo sauce with Mr. Steady's help (I was in my late 20's before I ever attempted an alfredo sauce!). They used Mr. Steady's mom's alfredo recipe changing out the heavy whipping cream with fat free half-and-half and a little cornstarch. Then they added salad shrimp and crab meat. The Thinker also made the garlic butter.

The Reader buttered the bread and all this mom had to do was make the salad. It was such a treat to have this waiting for me when I came home from class yesterday!

I will admit that Mr. Steady and The Entertainer were the only two brave souls who ate the mussels. The Entertainer was more interested in opening the shells and removing the mussels than actually eating them.

Who needs an expensive restaraunt when you can have this?

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