Thursday, February 12, 2009

See What I Have Get to Live With?

See what you miss when you don't read the comments? This was in the comments section of A Yummy and Special Treat but due in part to a snafu it is no longer there. Now for your reading enjoyment:

A hungry reader somewhere in North America asked:

"This looks so good!!! Is it possible for Mr. Steady to fix me up some food?"

Mr. Steady was so kind to sit in for me and answer:

Dear Hungry,

Please let me apologize that Mrs. K is unavailable to answer your question. She is currently taking a few hours off as per the agreement of her "Blogtract" to spend time with her family.

Also to keep all of her faithful readers informed, her current "Blogtract" which is set to expire at post 110 only requires her to spend 40 minutes a day blogging. Under the PROPOSED "Blogtract" she will be required to blog for 24.5 hours per day. We ask that you boycott all products that contain High-Fructose Corn Syrup in hopes this will help the renegotiation.

Back to your question Hungry, this is the type of question that arises very often; "Can Mr. Steady paint my light?" "Can Mr. Steady fix my sink?" "Can Mr. Steady fix me up some food?" As with all questions in the past, yes it is possible for Mr. Steady to "fix you up some food"
or as we like to call it "prepare a meal for you."

Mr. Steady is available for parties of 2-63, with a menu that is as diverse as page numbers in the Bible (I haven't an idea what that means). He currently prepares meals about three times a week for a nightly dinner party in North America, however his delightful creations only a tongue can be pleased with have been tasted in places such as; Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Florida and through the local area.

If you are planning a dinner party Mr. Steady comes highly recommended by many famous people no one has ever heard of. He is willing to work with any budget from $2 a plate to $200 a plate. I hope this gives you some information you could use Hungry.

-Sitting in for Mrs. K,
Mr. Steady

This is why I always come to your mind with a prick of your conscious that says "Pray for strength for Mrs. K". Just kidding, I love that Mr. Steady dearly.

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