Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who Wrote the Book of Love?

Do you know what holiday is coming up in less than 3 weeks? It's one of my favorites. I have three boys, you know so any chance I get to sprinkle a little pink around the house tickles me...well, pink.

I love me some Valentine's books and while I've already put mine on hold you might still be able to snag some of these titles. (Bold titles are AR books.)

Be My Valentine Charlie Brown Charles Schultz

Five Little Candy Hearts William Boniface

Happy Valentine's Day Abbie Mercer

Happy Valentine's Day Carol Barkin

Hearts, Cupids, and Red Roses Edna Barth

Let's Celebrate Valentine's Day Peter Roop

Little Bear's Valentine Else Minarik

The M&M's Valentine Book Barbara McGrath

Mushy! The Complete Book of Valentine Words Lynda Graham-Barber

My Froggy Valentine Matt Novak

My Very Own Valentine's Day Robin West

On Valentine's Day Judith Zocchi

The Story of Valentine's Day Clyde Bulla

Tokens of Love Roberta Etter

Valentine Carol Carrick

Valentine Boxes Wilhelminia Ripple

The Valentine Cat Ann Nagda

The Valentine Express Nancy Wallace

A Valentine for Norman Noggs Valiska Gregory

Valentine Hearts Lee Hopkins

Valentine Surprise Corrine Demas

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