Saturday, September 6, 2008

What's on your feed?

I am loving the RSS feed available on most of my favorite blogs and websites. My ISP lets me set up my homepage with all of my favorites right there with any updates. Lately it's been having some issues with the updating part but I can still just glance and click to visit my "friends" (even the ones that don't know I exsist). Dawn has a clever little site she uses to update her readers of what she is reading. I never have quite got the hang of that (or maybe I got so caught up in visiting her friends that I forgot why I went there in the first place?)

Currently on my feeder, I'm featuring:
Monica from Homespun Heart - I love Monica's crafts and Clean Heart series. I enjoy her Friday Family Fun Nights too.

Angie from Bring the Rain - Angie and her husband Todd, from Selah, faced tragedy square in the face, not once but twice this year. Angie's faith through her trials has been such an inspiration and strength to me. The way she has clung to God's promises is beyond words. I know she is human but God has truly given her a supernatural strength and peace and a ministry that so many need.

Crystal from Money Saving Mom (and also Biblical Womanhood) - My go-to site for deals, bargains, free stuff and just general financial blessings. She subscribes to the Dave Ramsey school of thought and that scores big points in my book.

The Nester from The Nesting Place - Oh ye of little faith, The Nester will prove that all you need to make your home a haven is a glue gun, fabric, fringe and a few dozen tassels. She knows what it's like to want a pretty home and knows how to execute it on a tight budget.

Emily from Chatting at the Sky - I won't lie to you, I originally subscribed to her feed because I was so jealous of her. She is The Nester's sister and who wouldn't want a budget friendly designer for a sister? But I stayed because she is transparent, honest, funny and names her houses. Seriously.

Ken Ham from Around the World with Ken Ham (and the Creation Museum) - I so wish I had met this guy twenty years ago. A creationist with a vision and a heart for education. I mostly keep his blog feed up to remind me to visit Answers in Genesis and keep up with their site.

So there you have it. I won't tell you that I have another 19 bloggers in my bookmarks that I visit on a weekly basis. You really have to be careful, it can be such a time hog to visit blogs. And you know what the worst thing for me is? Browsing the author's favorite blogs - you just get sucked in and pretty soon two weeks hours have gone by. So whose blogs and sites do you visit upon jumping on the World Wide Web?

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