Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Attempting to Tame the Paper Monster

Mr. Steady has been after me for a while to utilize the scanner we purchased two years ago. He has asked me to scan all the magazine articles and recipes I clip in addition to all of the boys' schoolwork and artwork.

Several years ago I came into some large nice clear plastic pouches that were the perfectly odd size of the preschool's art paper. As I was putting away the 4th quarter papers I realized FirstBorn is on his third pouch and he's only entering second grade. After some quick math I realized this artwork is going to quickly overtake my house. So I schlepped the artwork upstairs and am slowly plugging away in scanning it. It's a great time passer while I'm making my phone calls.

As I am scanning FirstBorn's journals I am translating what he wrote because in fifteen years I might not be as good as interpreting his handwriting as I am now. After I am done, we will go through together and keep 4 or 5 original pieces from each grade and the rest will be sent to grandmas and great grandmas. One great-grandma is a nursing home so we might send the majority to her to pass around and share with the residents.

I just hope I can recall these recipes when I'm looking for something new. How do you keep your magazine inspirations and recipe clippings tamed?

I'm keeping this one for a special occasion...to put on his changing room door the day of his wedding maybe?

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  1. I think that is a nice idea. We have a scanner combo, but I use it mainly for copies. Once we began homeschooling the number of art projects dropped dramatically. I do not want to hear how good or bad that may be. :P


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