Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fun Summer Giveaway

Monica is giving away a fantastic $120 gift card from Lands End! I really enjoy her blog and I really, really enjoy Lands End. Her particular post is on their swimsuits, which look lovely but I've never purchased. I really like Lands Ends clothing, both for the boys and for me. When I worked full time our uniforms came from Lands End and we experienced excellent quality products as well as superior customer service. We would order shirts, send them back, order different shirts, send them back, on and on until we found a fit and color everyone was happy with. I am so happy their products are in Sears stores now so you can feel them, try them on, and coordinate them. But above all, my absolute favorite thing about Lands End is their plus sized selection. Most places that sell plus sizes go one of two ways, way too sexy or way too frumpy. Lands End does something that I don't know why more stores don't do: make the same clothes, only larger. You can buy great, classic clothing in your size! What a concept! Don't forget to go over to Monica's and leave a comment to be entered in her giveaway.


  1. Kind of tempted, but I will pass. My #3 still gets their catalog from a gift someone gavbe him when he was a babe. They were gracious about a boo boo they made on it. Do you know his middle name? They spelled it Rain. It was spelled correctly on the order form.


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