Thursday, September 25, 2008

Singing the No-Internet-I'm-So-Dependent Blues

So I'm sitting here at the library because our modem is being stinky and throwing a fit right now. As I'm sure all three of you many of you can attest, we realized how reliant we are on electricity last week. This week my lesson is determining my level of addiction reliance on the Internet (capitalized, I might add). I use the Internet for everything from reading blogs, knowing when my library books are due, reading blogs, knowing what is going on in my classes, reading blogs, looking up recipes, reading blogs, looking up phone numbers (I don't even own a phone book, I have the Internet, who needs a phone book? Um, me when the modem is acting snarky), reading blogs, looking up words on Merriam Webster, reading blogs, looking up anything I don't know like when my kids ask me crazy questions that no seven year old should be concerning themselves with, and when I am bored I sometimes even read a blog or two.

Since I have no place to plug my memory card in and show you my pretty pictures you'll just have to go visit Angela until I get back. But don't visit her at the library because if you think they frown on you for talking in the library, just imagine how much they frown on you for laughing out loud at the library. Twice. Ask me how I know.

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  1. I agree about the phone book thing...I don't think I hardly know how to use one anymore. comes in pretty handy!!


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