Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Visit to China

Last Friday I took a cue from Monica and hosted Family Fun Night with a China theme. The boys are in the Top Secret Adventure club from Highlights magazine where they solve a mystery with each shipment. This was our first shipment and while we had to have a little talk about condoning stealing, we had a lot of fun and are looking forward to next month's shipment.

We started the night off with Chinese food. I was a little disappointed that our new Chinese restaurant doesn't use traditional Chinese take-out boxes but the boys remained unfazed.

They enjoying learning how to "use" chopsticks.

After we put BabyBoy to bed, we opened our package and solved the first mystery with a puzzle.

Unfortunately or maybe not so unfortunately, Mommy got so involved in the fun herself that I forgot to take any more pictures. We shared a plate of brownies, so not Chinese but tasty and gooey nevertheless. The clues and mysteries (who stole what and where did they put it?) led us all over China and yes, even Mom and Dad learned a lot. Maybe next time I will incorporate some language into the fun. I feel so sinister making Family Fun night into a learning opportunity.


  1. This sounds fun! How do you sign up to do this?

  2. It's a subscription type thing, they send a new package each month, I think it's about $10 per shipment, maybe $15? This was our first shipment. You can get more information here http://www.highlights.com/shopping/product/detail2main.jsp?itemID=1477&itemType=PRODUCT&iProductID=1477


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