Thursday, February 2, 2012

Book Reviews

You all know I love to do book combines two of my favorite things a) books and b) telling people what I think.  Bwahaha!

If you are a blogger, if you love to read, AND you like free things, I want to tell you about one of my favorite book review programs: Booksneeze

Booksneeze is owned by Tommy Nelson Publishing and runs their program differently than others (I truly love them all).  You can only request one book at a time and cannot request another until Booksneeze has received and reviewed your review  In addition to posting on your own blog, you must also post on a book purchasing site such as CBD, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

There are some really fantastic offerings coming out this month so it would be a great time to sign up to be a book reviewer.  Just visit the website, click on the green "sign up" button on the blue banner, fill out your information and you're all set to go!  Happy reading!

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