Monday, October 10, 2011

Torreon Days 1 & 2

After 2 1/2 long days in the car, we were greeted by one the most glorious sights in the world (that we've seen) - New Mexico.  It is absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous there!  We arrived Saturday evening and were greeted by Jason and Sheena who gave us the keys to the Indian House and we settled in.  We went for a short tour of the mission and rested.

Sunday morning we walked (!!!) to church.  For a family who is used to a 45 minute drive, this was a real luxury.  Mr. Steady remarked that is was the most calm and relaxed Sunday morning we've ever had!  We sang hymns in English and then Sarah led 2, maybe 3, hymns in Navajo.  The tunes were familiar and the language was beautiful.  It was not hard to follow along in the Navajo hymnal, although some blends were pronounced differently that I would have expected. 

We were treated to Sunday lunch by the missionaries and had a nice time of fellowship.  We rested in the afternoon and then Paul took us to see the job site - I regret that I don't have any pictures....there was a group of children swinging so Mary Elaine, the boys, and I went to go meet the children and talk to them.  After looking at the job site Paul took us around the immediate area and behind the mission.  It was a lot of fun to learn about the origins of the mission and see the area.

Sunday evening we went by bus to David and Mildred's for services in Rio Rancho.  We traveled with A.J's and that was fun to get to know them a little better.  It was a great time for our children to get to know each other as well.  Fellowship is always sweet, whether with brothers and sisters you have known for years or ones you've just met!

 We also got to see our first cradle board in use.  Paul makes cradle boards but I am not sure which ones he has made.  The babies ride in these cradle boards in the cars and sleep on them at home.  They feel very secure on them!  The curve up by their head is so you can place a blanket over them and the headboard will keep the blanket off of their face.  This little guy was 3 months old, I believe. 
 Monday my boys realized AJ's younger two boys were outside playing while their mom was in the school helping so the boys came over to our house and played - this became their morning routine for the rest of the week!
 Shirley, Karen and I set up a sewing shop in our kitchenette and pretty much settled in there for most of the days.  I wasn't much help with the sewing but I can get drink refills! :o)  I learned a lot of tips and tricks over the week and I think I sewed or cut one part of every dress.  I lost track but I think these ladies sewed up 7 dresses that week!
 Every night we had supper together as a "family" and it was a blessed time.  We got to sit by or close to most everybody before the week was up and it was such a fun time to get know each of them a little better. (This is the rec room of the school where the children do some of their gym class and roller skate!)
 After dinner on Monday some local artisans came over.  This is Lorraine, the sand artist.  She showed us how she makes her art - one painstaking layer at a time!  This is original sand art, she makes her own sand by grinding local rocks.  She told Shirley she still has some of her mother and grandmother's turquoise!
 The Reader snatched up on of the little coyote pictures there on the left and I brought home the bowl of Indian corn (third from the left of small pieces with the turquoise in it). 
 This is Lorraine's husband, Gilbert (thanks Mary Elaine!).  He was stringing up hot chiles, he said he eats hot chiles and corn in some form or another every day.  He was humorous! (This is in the kitchen of the school)

These next two ladies brought in their beadwork - it was gorgeous as well.  Teeny tiny, very tight rows of beads.  Sarah has a keychain that she was given several years ago and said it has held up very well.  I wish I would have bought some of the beadwork!

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  1. The man's name was Gilbert, and he is good buds with Steve Beachler! This is bringing back so many memories!


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