Monday, April 18, 2011

How Busy Are You?

"We who will get up and walk, or even run miles in the mornings, not to mention those of us who are not willing to wait for there to be enough light to see the bottom of the flag or for the frost to go away before we tee off,  we who will haul ourselves through our neighborhoods in the dark to make sure that have the box scores as quick as we can - for all kinds of reasons, including some good ones, I suppose, we will not, cannot, do not rise in the morning to greet the dawn with a song of praise on our lips, as did those who went before us.

We who will stay up late to watch the televised version of the news that we heard on our drive home at size, who will TiVo enough must-see television that we have to stay up late to keep up, who will not go to sleep without reading a novel, who will burn the candle at both ends and in the middle if we can figure out how to get it lit, will not end our days with praise and worship and confession and blessing.

We will not do these things in the name of love or discipline, devotion or worship...Call it postmodern, call it post-Christian, call it Post Toasties if you want to, but there is a world out there that says we - the Church united, divided, militant, or otherwise - can do nothing to spread the gospel here on earth.  Much less do anything to make each hour of the day or night any holier.

The witness of those who went before us is that we can.  We just don't."

In Constant Prayer, Robert Benson

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