Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"New" Towels

Sorry this post is belated, I'm having computer issues and couldn't get these pictures off the camera. Mr. Steady had to email them to me from his work computer. I did this project in November!

I had to trim some length off of our shower curtain, although I learned too late that I trimmed off too much, and, because I'm a fabric hoarder, held on to the cut piece for a while.  When I borrowed and renewed and then renewed again One Yard Wonders I found the perfect use for the scrap.  I ironed and folded and sewed strips on to towels we already had here. 

Then I got a crazy notion to add some polka dots to my shower curtain using some scraps of linen I had hoarded laying around.  I had never done any appliqueing before so I thought I needed interfacing, turns out I didn't.  I need to take those top two dots off, remove the interfacing and resew them on but I'm lazy and haven't done that yet. 
So, an hour or so of sewing and I had some new (FREE!) accessories for the bathroom.  I'll take it!

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