Thursday, January 20, 2011

Be My Valentine Marriage Edition

Some of us think of Valentine's Day as roses and chocolate, most of us think about what *we* will receive for Valentine's Day, I view Valentine's Day through the eyes of a child and focus on candy hearts and Charlie Brown and make the day about my children. 

But this year I am taking Courtney's 25 Day Praise Plan.  There are now 23 days left until Valentine's Day and we're going to focus on our husbands.  We are going to embrace this time to praise, encourage, inspire, admire, build up, thank and appreciate your husband.  Each week Courtney will give us a variety of ways to express your praise. Feel free to tweak it for what you think is best for your husband.

We are in Week 1 and our challenge is to:
"Look for ways to praise your husband verbally. Praise him in front of the kids, friends, family, co-workers, on facebook, tweet it - get praise out anyway you can! Try to mention something noteworthy he has done - in his role as provider, father, husband, lover, or friend. If the thought of trying to come up with one terrifies you, then pray right now that God will give you new eyes to see your husband as God does. Then open your mouth and say something kind and uplifting to your husband today and tomorrow and the next day until Valentine's Day arrives!"

I am also going to restart today Nancy Leigh DeMoss's 30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge for Wives...join me, won't you? 

I have seen firsthand and as recently as last night was reconfirmed that there is a mighty strength and power in a wife lifting up her husband.  Not to change him, not to fix him, but to strengthen him, to bring him before the very throne of God to receive everything he could possibly need.

We are their biggest cheerleaders, who else will lift them up with love and compassion?  It is not only our duty, but our honor.  Who will join me?

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  1. Thanks for the encouragement...I'm joining you!


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