Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dinner for Daddy

While grocery shopping yesterday the boys decided to make a special dinner for Daddy - spaghetti and fruit salad.  They know how much he enjoys fruit salad.  Gifts and Acts of Service are The Reader's (and I am beginning to suspect The Entertainer as well) love language so he just explodes with excitement when he can do something like this.

They were so excited to use the "black knives" and I hadn't realized it was the first time I let them use them.  They chopped apples, pears and bananas, added canned peaches and mandarin oranges.  It was delightful.
Then they wanted to use the good china and it turned into a whole "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" scene because then they wanted cloth napkins and since the cloth napkins were on top of the tablecloths, could we please use a tablecloth too?  And since we're already going to that trouble could we please use Great Grandma's silver?
Daddy was thrilled with his special supper - Mommy should have taken a picture of them together!

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  1. So sweet! When did you start to really notice the love languages becoming evident? I've read the book and even taught the concept to my MOPS group, but haven't figured it out in my own kids...or husband for that matter (although I think his is Acts of Service and I'm just not willing to admit it b/c that's too much work - lol).


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