Friday, December 31, 2010

How to Support a Compassion International Child on Mininum Wage

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We have three boys living in our home but in our hearts we are a family of six.  We have a five year old little boy who lives in Kenya with his parents named Nyamawi who, like our three natural born children, was born in July.  After following MckMama through Kenya, through much prayer and buckets of tears, our little family gathered around the computer screen last spring and hand-picked Nyamawi.    

Every month we send a small amount of money that helps to give Nyamawi the opportunity to hear and know the Gospel and learn about Jesus Christ, regular Christian training; educational opportunities and help; health care, hygiene training and supplementary food if necessary; a caring and safe Christian environment to grow in self-confidence and social skills; personal attention, guidance and love.  We send letters with photographs, hand drawn pictures, stickers, and band-aids.

What we get in return is far greater than what we give - heartfelt letters with the most adorable pictures.  I don't understand all what he is writing most of the time (even after it's been translated) but I get so excited when I see the envelope and tears fill my eyes as I read his letters.  We sent a small amount of extra money for his birthday present and Compassion bought him a goat for his birthday.  I pray that the little goat is teaching him valuable skills that he can use later in life.

Don't think you can sponsor a child with Compassion?  You don't have to, there are numerous other worthy organizations to donate to.  But Compassion does have a stellar financial record with only 17.3% of donations going to supporting expenses and only 9.7% of that going to administration.  That is really unheard of for international organizations of this magnitude.

Plain and simple Mr. Steady doesn't make much more than minimum wage.  I'm not saying that to make you feel sorry for us or to put us on any kind of pedestal, for sure and for certain.  We know that we are exactly where God wants us right now, making the exact amount of money He desires for us right now.  I'm saying that purely to show you that anybody can do this.  I've heard wonderful stories of young teenagers and college students sponsoring children.  Anyone can do this!

Some creative things we have done to make sure Nyamawi gets his sponsorship every month include:
  • not spending coins or $1 bills - you would be shocked at how quickly this adds up, we can usually  save a month's worth  of sponsorship every other month or so this way.  Even the children love to round up the spare change they find laying around and put it in Nyamawi's jar.
  • use your bank's easy saver program - it will be called something different at every bank but if you use a credit union or other bank that offers a program to round up your purchases on debit cards, use it to fund a sponsorship.  We use our debit card quite frequently and can usually save about $5 a week or so.  Every purchase is rounded up to the next dollar and the difference is set aside in a savings account.  We set up a seperate savings account for Nyamawi and when we balance the checking account we scoop whatever is in our Easy Saver and put it in Nyamawi's account
  • do some extra jobs on the side - I do some secret shopping and often use that money to fund our sponsorship.  Maybe make crafts and set up at a craft show.  Make a sign with your sponsored child's picture and let people know all of your proceeds will help your sponsored child.  I'm always a stickler for spending money at the booths that are going towards a worthy mission.
What ideas do you have for squirreling away a small amount of money without drastically hurting your family budget?  It's only $38 a month.  You probably spend that much in fast food and takeout pizza every month!  Make 2011 a year of giving, change a child's life.  Sponsor a child today.

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  1. Thanks for the practical ideas. I have been thinking of doing this for a long time....think I'll look deeper!


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