Thursday, October 7, 2010

Satan's Opportune Moments

Today I was so blessed by what Courtney shared on her Good Morning Girls blog:
"I recently read this commentary from Dr. Charles Stanley discussing Acts 4:13 and was so encouraged by it that I wanted to share it with you today. Do you ever have those days where you feel un-usable for God? How about just plain ordinary….nothing special about you? Me too! Read this my sweet sister and be encouraged!

Anyone who studies God’s ways soon realizes they are quite different from man’s. Worldly wisdom says that extraordinary people and abundant resources are needed for great tasks, yet the Lord often chooses the small and insignificant to achieve His purposes on earth.

For example, Christ selected a rather unimpressive group of men as disciples, yet after being filled with the Spirit, they “turned the world upside down.” During His ministry on earth, Jesus fed thousands with a child’s meager lunch, and He viewed the widow’s two small coins as a greater offering than all the other generous donations (John 6:5-12; Luke 21:2-3).

God specializes in using people who aren’t naturally qualified to accomplish His tasks. Moses was a verbally impaired 80-year-old shepherd who liberated a nation. After Gideon hid from the enemy, God made him a valiant warrior. David was the overlooked youngest son who killed a giant with a small stone and became Israel’s greatest king.

God isn’t looking for impressive people; He wants willing ones who will bow the knee in humble submission. Being weak and ordinary doesn’t make you useless. Rather, it positions you for a demonstration of divine power in your life. He takes insignificant ones and delights in making them great.

Have you ever considered that your lack of ability, talent, or skill is the ideal setting for a great display of Christ’s power and glory? If you are willing to submit to His leading and venture into the scary yet rewarding territory of faith and obedience, He will do great things in and through you.
The devil knows our weaknesses, he knows where to kick us when we're down.  While he screams lies that we are useless and worthless...what good could ever come from you know what you've done, do you remember where you've been?"  God is whispering "For MY glory, do it for MY glory."
Yes I am small and insignificant, ordinary and unimpressive, weak and unqualified.  But my God is NOT!  My prayer is that I would be willing to bow my knee in humble submission and be in a position to demonstrate divine power in my life. My prayer is that when I am filled with the Holy Spirit I can use this blog to turn someone's world upside down and that His glory and power would shine through.   All of Him and none of me.

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  1. Wow..... yes, yes, yes and Amen.
    Thank you so much for sending me here, and thank you for praying for me!

    What a fabulous reminder.


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