Monday, September 6, 2010

The Room(s)

It started over five years ago, I'm not sure exactly when.  I had a dream.  At the time it was funny;  A couple we knew from church had a humble home, a nicely decorated but not overly appointed home.  And yet behind a hidden door there was a modern art display.  All white with only the art as the focus.  Spotlights and gallery lights shone on the masterpieces.  In my dream I asked my friend about the art and why she had never told me about it.  She shrugged and said she didn't think it was an important thing to share.  A few days later when I saw her in real life I told her about the dream and we both laughed at the craziness of it.

Since that time I've had many, many dreams of houses with hidden rooms.  The house is usually different but I've dreamt several times of my parent's home and "my" home although it's never been the house I've lived in (or ever lived in).  My brother-in-law had a hidden sports & media room, graciously decorated and decidely different from the rest of the house.  My cousin had a mall under her house with a grand marble staircase and running the entire length and width of a city block.  I've never been to her house but I've seen pictures and I know she doesn't have a mall there.

In my dreams of my parent's house we have found hidden staircases, gigantically huge attics, including one attic that had an apartment in it.  In one of "my" houses there was a cozy but large family room with a kitchen in the back of the house we had never known about.  In another there was a little room off the side of the house, with a whole wall of cabinets, fully stocked with paper products, an old plaid couch with my deceased mom's winter coat laying on it.  This dream was the only dream that I had where I found the room alone.

Last night I had the dream again.  This time our family was living in a tiny house on the railroad tracks, an old clapboard house with badly peeling paint.  It was a seedy neighborhood as I went outside and saw the shadowy figures of two men and walked back in the house and locked the doors.  But once inside the house the space opened up to an enormous square footage.  Suddenly I had this feeling that we had to move and so I started packing up things.  As I opened a closet I walked into a room, a spare bedroom with a full bath.  It was not as nicely decorated as many of the other rooms I had dreamed about but it was fully furnished and I turned to Mr. Steady, broken hearted.  I said "This is just like all those dreams I had, we had this space all along and didn't use it!  We could have let your mom stay here instead of in that tiny nursery".  And when I woke up I realized not only was it just like all those dreams, it was yet another one of those dreams.

I have only shared this pattern of dreams with Mr. Steady and my friend Kenny D.  I am not completely sure why I am sharing it here.  I have no idea why I have these dreams, I don't know what they mean, but I do believe they are from God and I do believe there is a reason for them.  When I woke up this morning I kind of felt like maybe we all have gifts ("rooms") that we don't know are there and so they sit there unused.  I don't know?

I do know that I have probably had this dream over 20 times over the years.  The rooms are always a surprise to me, though every time I dreamed of someone else (my friend, my brother-in-law, my cousin), their rooms were being used and they knew about them.  The rooms are always clean, without cobwebs, clean windows, etc.  There were always very useful things in the rooms I found, antiques, fully equipped kitchens, completely stocked cabinets, bedding, etc.

Do any of you have any insight into what these dreams could mean?  I have been praying for God to reveal the meaning to me but today is the closest I have come.  I'll keep you informed if I have any more or if God reveals any more meaning to me.  Until then I'll be your weird friend with the dreams :o)


  1. I am cracking up! You dreamed that you found a room from your dreams? Hee hee...Dream of a garage for me! I do think the unused gifts applies, tho, and you have many gifts that you DO use, maybe there is something else ?

    Love you!

  2. OK, so not that deep and insightful, but do you spend a lot of time thinking about the potential of your house or what you wish it was like?
    My dreams are always crazy, but they also always somehow relate back to something I'm thinking about or worrying about at the time. The fun part is when several random things combine themselves into one big conglomerate dream that makes no sense on it's own, but when I dissect it, I can see where the parts come from.

  3. Well, I know for sure the time I dreamed about the secret room with the paper products I had just been up to the bathroom and had to refill the toilet paper. And my mom had just recently passed away and she was wearing that coat when she died. So that one I can see the correlation.

    I am going to pay more attention now to my waking thoughts and see what I'm thinking about. If it was one or two times I could understand it but for a 5 year period? Maybe I am just obsessed with my house? Although lately I have been making a very concerted effort NOT to be. Maybe I'm supressing it so well that I'm dreaming about it - HA!

    And why is word verification on? I don't remember turning that on.


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