Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just Because

I was inspired by Havilah's cottage-y tea party her daughter and nieces enjoyed. I've had a glass topped table stored for years but parted with the matching but very yucky chairs a few weeks ago. I thought I would use the table to serve on and save some money to buy a new outdoor dining set. But then on a whim one day I thought I would see what I could throw together with my wicker furniture and some chairs I picked up for a song at an auction. I was just beside myself with all the cuteness of it. And the best part is, the reason I got rid of the matching chairs was because there was only four and there is, obviously, five of us. But two people, I dare say adults even, can sit comfortably on the love seat.

Today Monica challenged us to do something special "just because". So since the weather was holding out, tonight seemed like the perfect night to make my Sanford and Sons table into an al fresco dinner party.

Just simply add one summer-y tablecloth.Fill a blue mason jar with your son's wildflowers (he loves to cut them for the table because he knows I love them).
Fill a glass jar with ice water and invite your family to carry their dinner outside with you.

Even if all you are serving grilled dogs and steamed veggies.

And now I pass Monica's challenge on to you. What will YOU do today (or tomorrow) "just because"?

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