Saturday, April 3, 2010

Super Savings Saturday

I forgot to link to Crystal's blog last week with the board game deal, you can find a bunch more deals (and inspiration if you don't catch them in time to take advantage of them yourself). I am very new to this deal "thang". I have clipped coupons forever but the idea of stacking store and manufacturer coupons and holding on to coupons until that item is severly discounted is a thrill for me.

This is what I bought at Wal-Greens this week. Crystal and her pals pretty much lay it all out for me what is a good deal. At some point I will venture out on my own but Chinet plates were on sale 2/$3, I was able to print off 2 $1.00 off coupons making the plates $0.50 for each pack. Campbell's cooking soups were on sale for $0.79 with the in-ad coupon (store coupon) and I was able to print $1 off 2 so my soups were $0.29 each. Betty Crocker frosting and cake mixes were $1, and with the $0.75 off coupon in the paper recently I got both for $1.25.
I had $5.00 in register rewards (similar to CVS' Extra Care bucks) from the Benadryl special a couple of weeks ago so I threw in a couple of packs of seasoned almonds (great for on the go snacks or lunchboxes) and a pack of gum. I got all of the above for $1.06 out of pocket! I still have a way to go trying to figure it all out and not look like a ninny doing it but it's great fun to find such bargains!

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