Thursday, February 25, 2010

Swap Party

Remember when I invited you to my swap party? Well, it finally happened and I am SO thrilled I put my issues of not being good or clean enough aside (or maybe not?) and worked it out. Seven ladies and fourteen (I think? How sad is that!) children came over and we had a lot of fun. I took most of my cues from The Nester's Swap although there was recently an article in one of the home magazines with tips for your own swap. We chatted in the living room while waiting for all the guests to show up.

The children all played and had a great time.
Because my dining room table only seats 10 comfortably we ate in shifts, feeding the children first. I can't believe 14 little bodies were scrunched in around my table. How fun would that be to do this everyday with 14 of your own children!

We set up the swap items in our master bedroom. We had two tables, one for $5 and below items (I asked each guest to bring two $5 items).

And one table for $10-$15 items (I asked guests to bring one $10-$15 item).

Once the children were all fed and happy the ladies sat down to eat, while we ate we drew numbers for the swap. Then we went in pairs to choose our item. I gave the ladies the option of redrawing numbers for the second and third swap and they all wanted the opportunity to go first so we put the numbers back in and drew again.
I had a lot of fun and I think the other girls did too. We talked about doing it again on a large scale. Jill blogged about what she took home here. Janice - so sorry I didn't get a picture of you. The party started once you got here and I guess I was just having too much fun! Thank you all for coming, you'll never know how much it meant to me to be able to spend an afternoon with my friends!


  1. I'm so glad you had a swap meet! They are so much fun and yours looks delicious, I mean fun too!

  2. That was so much fun Jenni! I'll have to have one of them here sometime:)


  4. I'm just now seeing this....Don't be sorry you don't have a picture of's ALWAYS better that way ;) I had a great time though...thanks a million!


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