Monday, November 16, 2009

Sisters Swap - Noel

I signed up for Monica and Carrie's Sister Swap and they matched me up perfectly with Debbie. I regret that I didn't take any pictures of what I sent her but if you visit her blog you can see pictures there. I definitely got the better deal! Here is what she sent:

Two Christmas dish/hand towels, which I especially enjoyed because I don't have any Christmas towels, a Baking Memories album, two absolutely adorable notepads that she altered, Chex mix with dill (my favorite!), a mug with cocoa mix, a tea bag holder with yummy gingerbread tea, great gift tags, gingerbread lip gloss, an altered candle - burning it right now, bath salts, body butter, several oh-so-cute handmade cards, and special chocolate cherry candy from Nebraska (one is missing because I was too impatient to wait my turn for the camera, heehee). It was a joy to get to know Debbie and her preferences.

I sent Debbie a ragamuffin garland for her Christmas cards, a candle lamp, a wood and tin star with a bell, Floor Sweepings mix, chai mix, chocolate covered cranberries and Peace sign. Oh yes, there was also a tea towel that, I will admit, almost didn't make it in the box it tried so hard to climb into my own drawer!

Thanks Debbie, for my goodies and for being such a great swap partner! Thanks Monica and Carrie for such a great match up!

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  1. Hello friend! I am so glad you liked the goodies and I definitely did NOT get the short end. Ü


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