Friday, December 12, 2008


We're home. We've just spent four days with the sweetest couple and learned *SO* much about Jesus and just gotten to know Him better. He is such an awesome God and I just want to wake up each morning to be a blessing to my dear honey of a husband and sweet children. I discovered this week that God speaks to me through word pictures. I will pray about sharing them with you from time to time. It's amazing how we hear Him when we are truly listening to and for Him. He is AWESOME!

The boys and I made Floor Sweepings tonight. Some may call it White Christmas mix. Sorry I don't have pictures to share. Here's the recipe:
6 c. Cheerios
5 c. corn Chex
4 c. pretzel sticks
2 c. M&Ms
2 c. cocktail peanuts
1 lb white chocolate bark.
Mix all but bark together. Melt bark and pour over cereal mixture. Mix well and pour out onto wax paper to set. Break apart when set to bite sized pieces.

Planning on making cookies for our ladies' Christmas party and cookie exchange on Saturday. Looking forward to extending His grace and seeing what truths He has for me today.

I pray that your day is a blessed one - He loves you and He wants you to rest in His promises.


  1. You are awesome! I pray your time spent with L&S was rewarding and your life from here on can be abundant and full of hubba bubba! I won't forget that one. We pray for you everyday.I Love you and I think D has a very special woman and I know you will take care of him.


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