Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Thought on Contentment

As soon as the party decorations are put away you begin to think about holiday presents. You plan, you purchase, you knit, you sew, you paint. Just the right colors for each person. A tailor fit. You pray over it, you lovingly wrap it, you choose the most extravagant bow. You even top it with trinkets and trappings to delight the eye. You wait with baited breath.

Your beautifully wrapped present waits for its recipient to lovingly unwrap it. You watch and hope they like it. They take it out of the package, examine it quickly and put it to the side, you think might have heard a meager "thank you" but you can't be sure. The recipient is already on to the next package and when their enormous pile of gifts has been opened they say "What else is there? I didn't get exactly what I wanted. I asked for a pink whatchamajig."

And so it is with our Heavenly Father as he prepares all season long for the next season. A red Maple for you, a yellow Birch for him, an Autumn Purple Ash for me. Amber-colored pumpkins decorate the field like polka dots while emerald green squash becomes our dinner. And yet we say "What happened to the warm weather? It's only 79 days until Christmas! I can't wait until it's spring." We are like greedy little children on Christmas morning, always wanting more, never quite satisfied enough.
Fall is my favorite season. It begs us to slow down, cook slower meals, snuggle under the covers for a few extra minutes. It is gloriously beautiful, aren't they all? Take some time today to slow down and enjoy the beautiful gift God made for us. Linger over a piece of pumpkin pie and a steaming cup of chai. Be content with where you are at exactly the time you are. It's a gift.


  1. regina from virginiaOctober 7, 2009 at 2:00 PM

    wow...this is a great post...thank you for taking the time to write about something that we all so desperately need to here...God help me and may we help each other to be so in love with HIM that we have less time to murmur and complain...cause really, I don't want to be that way!!!

  2. So..... I got chai creamer for my coffee.... does that count? I bought that flavor instead of my normal hazelnut, just for you! Loved the post....

  3. Thanks, Jenni. this post hit me between the eyes and I so much appreciate you! I never thought about my sighing for summer in such a light. I love fall, too, and my goal this year is to figure out how to be warm,and then enjoy winter and not complain about it! I'm ordering me some cuddle-duds!

  4. what a wonderful post! Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. I dread my 30 mile drive one way to work during the other times of year, but drive slower in the fall and soak in the beauty!

    What a wonderful reminder. I have never thought of it this way. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Look at this! I come to your blog for the first time. Sit my tea next to me (that's a lie - I don't even drink tea) and prepare to soak in your beautiful words. And then BAMM!! right between the eyes I get smacked with this post filled with truth and correction.

    Thanks, Jenni.

    Next time I'll come prepared!

    In His name,

    Traci Smith


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