Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Star of the Week

The Thinker was the "Star of the Week" in his class at school last week. He filled out a book about himself and then took in pictures. I was invited to attend Tuesday as his teacher interviewed him and allowed the class to ask questions about his life. I was also invited to stay for lunch.

I know I have shared with you that I have been a little dismayed at The Thinker's grades lately (which I am happy to report are back on the rise). I overheard a conversation at lunch, in which I will not divulge details here, that just reassured me that God really is working on The Thinker's heart. And a godly heart and a bold, bold witness are so much more important than grades.

Thinker, I am so proud of the way you fearlessly share your faith in such a loving way. Never be afraid to lovingly guide your peers to Christ. I know God was smiling on you Tuesday! You are a star in my book - and in God's!

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