Monday, March 9, 2009

It's Funny, Get It?

The Reader loves to read anything. I love for him to read most anything as well. But recently I love to hear him read riddle books. I picked up "Sheepish Riddles" by Katy Hall and Lisa Eisenberg on my most recent trip to the library for the boys. Here's how our nightly reading time sounds:

The Reader "Hey mom, where do sheep go to get a haircut?"
Mom "I don't know, where?"
The Reader "To the baa-baa shop. (Insert chuckle) Get it, the baa-baa, like bar-ber shop? Get it?"
Mom "Yes, I get it"
The Reader "What kind of birthday party do lambs like?"
Mom "I dunno, what?"
The Reader "Sheepovers! Get it? Sheep instead of sleep? (Practically falling on the floor laughing at this point)

If you have any reluctant readers, riddle books are great. The play into the child's natural humor and reading the riddles over and over give him great practice. It also introduces homophones like ewe and you or sheer and shear. Encourage them to memorize some to share with their friends at school. And if for no other reason it's just stinking cute to hear your children laughing at jokes.

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  1. We've checked out Clubhouse Jr. at the library...they always have a page of jokes. L loves to read them. I agree that it's hilarious to hear your children laugh at jokes!


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