Monday, January 5, 2009

What I've Learned From My Children This Year, Volume 1

Today we went to Trader Joe's for a few things and the boys asked for this peculiar snack called Applesauce Crushers. It is basically applesauce in a fun little foil pouch with a twist off cap that you suck the applesauce out of. I also bought cookies but they begged for the applesauce on the way home. After the applesauce I asked if they wanted cookies, and they are children so of course they did. But they made no bones about telling me they liked the applesauce better.

After dinner I offered ice cream for dessert, basically because I'm just trying to get junk out of the house, and The Reader asked if he could have another applesauce instead of ice cream. I think if I hadn't offered them cookies they would have forgotten all about them and never even asked for them.

Trader Joe's also had carrot applesauce that lists carrots and pumpkins in the ingredients. I'd like to get them to try that but am not going to push my luck.

I would like to remember to choose healthier, fun foods over junk more often. Lesson learned.

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