Friday, January 2, 2009

The Presidential Parade

Every once in a while I get a great itch to homeschool again but that's just not happening right now. Since The Thinker was complaining not too long ago that he doesn't have a formal history lesson in school (I know, right?) and the inaugaration of our 42nd President (but 43rd Presidency) I thought it would be fun to learn one president per week over the next year.

This week we started George Washington but I introduced the unit to the boys by reading What Presidents Are Made Of. It was a clever little book with fresh and fun illustrations, the kind you can look at three times and find new things each time. And now it will be fun to remind the boys of the little quirks talked about in the book as we discuss each of the presidents featured. Not every president is talked about but it is a neat way to introduce the everyday human side of our presidents.

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  1. Thanks for the neat book idea. Keep them coming....I love to get books like this because I can sneak in some teaching/learning and the kiddos don't even realize it.


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