Thursday, November 13, 2008

Making Your Home a Haven - Day 4

Monica is deeming today Fun Day - sounds like a plan to me!

Someone is supposed to come get our mattresses tonight and what could be more fun than getting rid of twenty year old mattresses? Mr. Steady dropped a load of clothes to the Goodwill today and our bedroom is slowly getting emptier and emptier.

I mentioned my laundry problem to you earlier. During the process of putting away all the laundry I decided to start one laundry basket dedicated solely to pajamas. I think it's a crying shame that we have an entire laundry basket full of just littles pajamas but it is what it is. I sat down and went through it last night, matching bottoms to tops, and separating by seasons. Two more laundry baskets out of the master bedroom. Now I think there is just one basket of craft stuff, one basket of toys (please don't ask how they made it into the bedroom, I think they might have been confiscated at one point and never returned?) and one basket of office thingamaboppers. See, our desk used to be in our bedroom so that is why there is so much office stuff in there. Well, that is why there *was* so much office stuff in there. There is still the matter of a tote of boys' shoes that I need to go through and a bag or two of clothes to pass out. Then a stack of totes filled with littles clothes that need to be put into the closet in the new office and that room will be essentially EMPTY except for what is supposed to be in there! It is coming along - I promise! It will be ready to spackle cracks by this time tomorrow night.

Tonight for supper is Smoked Sausage (do you call it Smoked Sausage or Kielbasa? And what is the difference anyways?) and Mashed Potatoes.

Hmmm, this day doesn't *seem* very fun does it? Mr. Steady has a standing meeting on Thursday nights. Maybe I'll put The Entertainer to bed early and do something fun with the older two.

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