Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Making Your Home a Haven - Day 3

Today Monica's theme is Cared For. Pop on over to see what she has in store for today. She is a busy, busy lady that one.

I still didn't get to my list from yesterday, shocking I know. But I did get to Half Price Books and was able to get a little cash for my stack of books. I also dropped off a few donations to the local Women's Center. Mr. Steady was able to burn two bags of trash so that's out of the house. I *purchased* the thank you notes, does that count for something? I will try, try, try to get them written by at least Friday. I was able to unload a laundry basket of kitchen towels that mysteriously made it upstairs and sat there for who knows how long, in addition to getting two more loads of laundry started. I also worked on a paper that is due for my Communications class tomorrow.

Dinner was French Dip sandwiches and Baby Baked Potatoes, both from Market Day. I recommend both if you have access to order from Market Day. I don't typically advocate ordering from them because I think they are terribly expensive but in their defense I haven't tried very much of their food and is awfully convenient.

We finished up the evening by playing Rummikub with the two older boys after showers. The Reader is just learning how to play and we don't play quite often enough for The Thinker to remember all the rules. The Thinker started in with an awful cough (I think it's allergy related) so that seemed like a good reason to have a couple of cups of tea.

See you tomorrow for Fun Day (sounds like I had my fun today, doesn't it?)

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