Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Get Out the Vote

In honor of democracy I am holding elections for the very honorable position of Globe de la Chandy of the Dining Room. And just like the mainstream media I am going to play mind games with you and my photo editing. Which
globe do you like the best? I've added a poll to the right side for your democratic process thingamabobber.


  1. When placing your vote (or voting twice for the correct choice if you already voted) please keep in mind the cut glass clear globe is less then 1/2 the price that is a savings of 50%. To put it another way 16/32, now that is a lot of 32's I'd like to keep in my pocket how about you?

  2. I have three votes, I cast mine but it wont let me cast the other two. so here are two wright in votes;

    One for the clear

    One for the front runner - the brown one

  3. Um hi, I live in Philladelphia and just came to vote on your shades. well, I just want to let everyone know about some voter fraude going on.

    #1) I was meet outside by some "Black Panthers" and they said to voter for shade "A"

    #2) I did some reseach and found that 4 of the people who voted in the early poles and selected "A" are dead and have been for ten or more years.

    This raises some questions to the legitamacey of this here election. Besides you are showing us how many "VOTES" each shade is gettting but what about the "ELECTORAS"?


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