Thursday, November 6, 2008

How Did That Happen?

This I know, our cooking and grocery shopping schedules have been a little hit and miss lately. But even I was in amazement when I was preparing dinner last night and the only vegetables I could find were 1/4 of a bag of frozen peas and even less than that of frozen carrots. They were the only semblance of vegetables in the whole house. I steamed them both up (but not together because that would just be gross) and served them with a cheesy chicken pasta casserole. The bowls were passed once and the vegetables dispersed among the masses. The Reader gobbled up his carrots and then asked for more. Upon being told the carrots were gone he crumbled into a ball of tears and sobs.

Mr. Steady and I looked at each other in amazement. Then, in a moment that cannot be rationally explained, Mr. Steady offered to go to the store, right then and there, to buy more carrots. I can promise you this is not something we usually cave on with our children. I was in shock that Mr. Steady was offering to do this. The Reader quick put on his shoes to tag along.

As they were walking out the door The Thinker asked his dad to pick him up a pound of bacon, "with extra fat on it". Yes, I have a 7 year old asking for extra fatty bacon and a 5 year old who cries because he can't have any more carrots. When you figure it out let me know. I also put in a request for a "C-o-k-e".

Upon their return, The Reader came to me and told me that my cake was on the counter. Cake? It seems daddy heard c-a-k-e instead of c-o-k-e.

The Reader ate two more servings of carrots and we all enjoyed a slice of Peanut Butter Cake. Makes me thirsty just thinking about it.

And never fear, my next shopping trip will find my cart stuffed with plenty of frozen vegetables...and double what I think I might need in the way of carrots. Oh yes, and a Coke.

Does this picture give you some clue as to how hard it might be to say "no" to him?

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  1. In the defense of oneself, the ONLY reason I even thought about thinking about going to retrieve more of the said carrots from the said establishment is that oneself couldn’t believe one’s eyes when one’s eyes saw the situation unfold. This being said, it was the first thing one thought of to save the reader from the “Unhappy Monster”.

    Secondly, I would motion that the case involving the C-O-K-E be thrown out. There is no substantial evidence of the “O”. It is the belief of ours after looking through all of the evidence that the plaintiff purposefully “SPELLED” the word during a screaming spree of the youngest household member. Upon “SPEELING” the word she then left out the primary vowel, yes that is correct the FIRST VOWEL WAS LEFT OUT! Thus leaving the “SPELLED” word to the imagination of the defendant. I feel under this set of circumstances, including that the plaintiff is a woman, which is Latin for cake lover, I feel that the defendant should be and will be found innocent.

    I would also like to file a counter suit for the mental distress that has been caused and are asking for a c-h-e-r-r-y-s-p-a-c-e-c-o-k-e


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