Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Today I made a list on the computer of all the books FirstbornSon read for First Grade this year. He had an agenda where we recorded them but I wanted to file it in the circular file so I typed the list up. I was quite surprised to find that he had read 347 books! He received an award for reading the most minutes - over 3,000. For a child who says he doesn't like reading, I'd say he did pretty good. Here are were a few of his favorites that I saw repeated in his agenda:

Jumpy Jack and Googily - a new book with sweet illustrations and even had me laughing out loud!

Kid Tea - had my children begging to take a bath so they could see what color "tea" they would make.

Not So Tall for Six - I make an effort to choose books whose characters are near the same age as my boys so they can relate. I think it makes reading more enjoyable.

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle - a read-aloud that I read to the boys, they loved this one and I promptly read them two more in the series.

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