Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kairos Cookies

I certainly did not intend to go so long between blog posts. Time has just gotten away from me. I lost my camera for a while, then I accidentally erased every picture on the camera when I did find it. So some of these pictures are months old but I wanted to blog about these things for posterity's sake.

Mr. Steady served on a Kairos Prison Ministry team this spring. Every team member is asked to bring 200 dozen cookies to the weekend. No, that is not a typo. Yes, that is 200 DOZEN cookies. There were 50 men on the team and they ended up with over 12,000 DOZEN.

 My good friend, Lisa, offered to host a cookie baking day to help out.  We baked 98 dozen cookies in short order!  Thanks so much, Lisa, Nat, Amber, Bonnie, Sheila, Arlene for spending the day with us...and Carla and Daisy for sending dough!  Thanks for organizing it, Lisa!  The inmates were certainly impressed and blessed by all those cookies!

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