Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Candy Bar Bouquets

I mentioned I'm a little behind in posting things since the, you misplacement thing-y.  For Valentine's Day the boys and I decided to replicate an idea we spotted in the grocery store - candy bar bouquets.  These puppies sell for over $15.00!  We made all three of ours for less than that.  One for Mr. Steady, one for my dad, and one for his wife.
 I picked up simple glass vases at the Dollar Tree, hot glued candy bars onto wooden skewers, filled the vase with mini versions of each candy, topped that with tissue paper fluffs, and then inserted the skewered candy bars.
 Bada-bing, bada-boom.....Happy Valentine's Day!  Or Happy Birthday!  Or Happy I-Was-Just-Thinking-of-You day!


  1. great idea and wa-hoo for doing it yourself!!

  2. I have always thought these were the cutest things! Maybe I will get around to making some with my kids sometime! I am so uncrafty! They look really fun to try and would be so fun to give!


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