Sunday, December 5, 2010

Take a Bath

Your job to keep your frame of mind peaceful and your focus on Jesus this week is to take a hot bubble bath.  And aren't I blessed, it's my job too!  I can hardly wait until Tuesday night!

According to Donna Partow, in her book Becoming the Woman I Want to Be, "soaking in a hot bath that contains 1 cup of dead sea salts, 1 cup of epsom salt, 1 cup of regular sea salt, 1 cup of baking soda and a few drops of lavender oil will help your body release...unwanted toxins (you can substitiue these ingredients with 2 pounds of regular sea salt and 2 pounds of baking soda). You need to stay in the hot water until it cools, no longer than 30 minutes. Be sure light a few candles and play your favorite inspirational music to stimulate your heart and soul! Be careful when getting out as you may feel a bit light headed which signifies the detoxifying work has been done!"

I have incorporated a bath as prescribed as above before fasting and it is wonderfully relaxing.  I must admit I have fallen asleep in there a time or two.  I love to turn out all the lights and light a few candles.  I don't love the idea of taking my Bible into the tub with me (what would I do if I fell asleep and dropped it - yikes!) but I think I will make a copy of Matthew 1-2 and Luke 1-2 to meditate on.

Make sure you take time for yourself and, more importantly, for Jesus this week!  For more great ideas and to follow along with Courtney's Peace on Earth December Challenge or to link up, visit her blog.


  1. Love your blog, I am going to try this bath too and see how I feel, thanks for sharing.

  2. My first time here, came from Courtney's site!

    One of us seriously needs to invent a small floating lap desk for reading in the tub! I always have a towel nearby to make sure I don't get anything wet with my hands!

  3. Oooh I love your version of a bubble bath. Where do you get sea salts?

  4. Great blog, and great post! I'm doing this challenge as well, but I'm not big on the bath thing. LOL I was going to have an extra pamper session with a long, hot shower, but your detox bath has intrigued me!


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