Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Handmade Christmas - Activity Bags

For The Entertainer and my four-year old nephew I made activity bags (since they are made with Buzz Lightyear fabric we call them "Buzz Bags")
I completely, totally, unashamedly copied these off a picture I saw on Facebook.  I contacted the lady to try to give her credit but haven't heard back from her, when I do I'll update it here.  I simply took a sheet of felt and cut fabric to fit it.  I added pockets for crayons.
 Then I added a pocket for a small coloring book or notepad.
 On the other side I added pockets with elastic to hold four Hot Wheel cars.
 On the inside I added a felt race track.  I also added a flap with a piece of velcro to hold it all together.


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