Monday, July 26, 2010

Super Mario Brothers

Last year, after tiring of mind-bending birthday cake requests, I put the ix-nay on birthday quests-reay. And I had really great ideas in mind for both The Thinker and The Reader that didn't involve commercial characters. But when an online friend showed how she made cake picks for cupcakes for her son's Super Mario Brothers I knew my boys would love it. I ordered plates, napkins, cups, and stickers online.
Then, like my friend, I found clip art online and cut out a teeny tiny Mario

and Luigi, covered them in shipping tape and attached them to toothpicks. The stickers were left on their backing paper and a toothpick inserted between the two.

I didn't capture a picture of the goodies, they were a hit though. Here we are singing to The Thinker. Not sure what is going through The Reader's mind!

And then we lit The Reader's candles and sang to him. Though their birthdays are only five days apart this is the first time we've combined their parties. This morning The Reader said "I wish every day was yesterday so we have Super Mario Brothers!" So pleased that they were happy with it!

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